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Houston Will Lawyer

When people are seeking out experienced legal advice regarding wills and trusts in the Houston area, they can rely on Christian C. Navarro Law Office. We regularly provide clients with dependable legal advice in this area.

Our firm's founding lawyer, Christian C. Navarro, comes from a Houston business family that has been rooted in the area's Hispanic community since the 1920s. Having operated the family business himself and now his own law firm, attorney Navarro understands the needs of his clients and how wills and trusts can help them achieve their goals.

Attorney Serving Harris County Area: Trusts And Estate Tax Issues

We regularly provide legal guidance to clients concerned about any number of tax issues related either to income or to their estates. Out firm's tax advice provides clients with peace of mind, knowing that they have thoroughly investigated their options and have acted on professional advice provided by an experienced legal counselor.

Our clients also come to us wanting to know how to help future generations of their family, especially with respect to educational goals and the future maintenance of family businesses. This is one area where we commonly establish trusts for our clients. We often build optional trusts into wills, these trusts taking effect according to pre-established rules.

In all of these matters, the goal is to ensure that a client's wishes for the future are honored and that family harmony is preserved, particularly in those situations involving family members who disagree as to how the family's future affairs should be handled. Wills and trusts provide Texas courts with the written evidence they want when considering these questions.

Contact An Experienced Will Attorney: Serving Houston, Texas, And All Nearby Communities

We invite potential clients to schedule a consultation with our office by calling 713-222-2255. Potential clients can also make an appointment by contacting us online. All communications between our law firm and potential clients remain entirely confidential.


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